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Our most recent opportunity came in the form of a café, right in the heart of the community, thus, allowing the Foundation to create a community hub in order to help individuals and families within the local community. Our focus is on helping those with mental and physical health-related problems; provide new opportunities for people to learn and become part of one of many support groups; and run a series of community engagement projects, thus, helping to support the whole community.

Our mission in Lancaster is to provide essential, often overlooked, services and identify, advise, and help create businesses for budding entrepreneurs through person-centred skills development, in order to break the social cycle of deprivation and inequality amongst those who have previously been denied the opportunity, ignored or who just deserve a second chance.

Food for Thought will become a community hub providing the following services for the community. All of our proposed services have been identified according to the relevance upon the surrounding communities and the Foundation’s core values:

  1. A drop-in centre will be used to provide mental health counselling, to support all demographics. This will be coordinated with the NHS and private psychologists, to ensure safe practice and guidance is given.
  2. Health and well-being talks will be run in collaboration with established practitioners within a range of different fields, to provide education and advice to families.
  3. Alternative therapy classes will be provided to deliver a series of different therapies to encourage social cohesion and provide relief for those suffering from various forms of mental and physical health-related issues. Such as photography therapy, yoga, tai chi, art therapy, and meditation.
  4. Confidence and self-esteem workshops will be run to help women who struggle with mental health-related issues. The workshops will be a safe environment used to grow and support women from all walks of life.
  5. Addiction clinics to help improve the lives of those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and support groups.
  6. Healthy cooking courses, designed to help educate parents about the importance of having a healthy diet and finding cost-effective ways of teaching them how to create tasty meals for their families.
  7. A drop-in clinic, as part of our outreach program, for ethnic and other minority groups aimed at tackling racial and social prejudice by inviting individuals and groups to come and discuss their problems with local authorities, and collectively find innovative ways of prevention, tolerance, understanding, and unity.
  8. Job and benefits guidance will be provided in conjunction with the local job centre, to help struggling families and individuals, and help them to get the support they need. We will also be setting up workshops to help get people back into employment.
  9. Veteran support services will provide a support network for veterans from all walks of life and provide a signposting service to ensure they receive the help they deserve.
  10. Identify and encourage budding entrepreneurs to start their own businesses by giving them all of the advice, guidance, and coaching they need to turn an idea or life-long ambition into a reality.
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